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The convenient central vacuum cleaning system

VACUCLEAN, in combination with RAUPIANO PLUS, provides not only a convenient and powerful central vacuum cleaning system, but also a quiet one.

The separate central vacuum with cyclonic filter principle guarantees one-way strong suction power and hygienic waste removal, no more dust being blown all around! The multiple suction outlets offer convenience and ensure that every corner of the building is reachable. While the remote control activation and automatic turn-off really make cleaning chores easy.







Who would have thought that cleaning could actually be this easy and convenient?

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Simple – insert suction hose, the dust is conveyed through the pipe system to the central suction unit
Silent – noiseless vacuum cleaning, as the suction unit is installed outside the living areas
Healthy and hygienic – waste air is conveyed to the outside, no dispersal of dangerous micro particles and allergens
Convenient and time-saving – no dragging around of equipment, no cables as tripping hazard, dusting is reduced to a minimum
Convenient operation thanks to wireless remote control, alternatively also in conjunction with operation via control cable
Constant high suction force thanks to cyclone filter
No disposable filters
Wide range of accessories and spare parts

VACUCLEAN offers you a wide range of accessories for widely varying applications.

Vacuum dustpan Vac-Pan – you no longer require a dustpan for rooms, which have to be swept. Simply start the suction unit by opening the flat and brush the dirt into the opening.
We have a large number of suction sockets in various colours. The connection can also be made via a floor socket as an alternative to wall sockets.